This is the step-by-step process of  fitting Subaru seats in a Mustang
subaru in a car

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Why is this page so different that most of my other web pages?

This page was one of the first pages in the DazeCars series of tech articles. At the time I was teaching my self, HTML and I was relatively new to fabrication and modification. Consequently the page does not have the detail that subsequent pages have. With that said there is still some good information here and the rudimentary way this page is set up pays homage to the learning process that has been DazeCars.

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This is the bottom of a Subaru seat before it has been modified.  Notice the irregular mounting brackets.
mustang seat
This is the bottom of a Mustang seat and a pattern for the retro-fit.
drilled seat track
I removed the tracks from the seats and then drilled out the spot weld and the rivit that was holding each of the original mounting brackets to its track.
This bar was fabricated to move the tracks inward.  The outside holes match the original mounting points on the seats and the inside holes are the new mounting points for the tracks.  I also moved the track holes further back to gain extra leg room.
After drilling holes in the tracks to match the Mustang bolt pattern (front to back), I welded in some nuts and fitted them with a piece of grade 8 allthread.
refit seat
After painting the pieces, I attached the tracks to the mounting bars.  Then, by measuring diagonally from stud to stud, I matched the measurements to square it up.  I then installed the bracket on the seat and put it in my  car.
refit seat

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