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     Ok, so what's with the name?  To understand the name, you first need to know mine.  My first name is Day.  That's right, opposite of night.  Would you believe I have a sister named Dawn and a brother named Dusk?   Well I do!  I also have a sister named Deanna, but that's neither here nor there, and anyway, I digress.  All my life people have made puns with my name.  I have heard so many, that it has literally been 2 years since I have heard a new one. (That is not an invitation to try and come up with a new one!)  Anyway, I came up with a new one.  When I was trying to come up with personalized plates for my car, I was thinking DAYSCAR? DAYS? and then it hit me: DAZE.  Cars so consume my thoughts that I am not always thinking clearly (just ask my wife), kind of like I'm in a daze, and it sounds like Day's.  So, that is why this website has the word Daze all over it.  To take it a little further, the license plates on my wife's car reads DAYS LUV.  The question is, do the plates refer to my wife or the car (she wonders the same thing).  The last licence plate is on the Galaxie and it reads LTL NOTE.  The story behind it is that we bought  this car because we were starting a family and needed a "family car".  When my daughter was in utero we referred to her as "little note", since we are a musical couple.  It only seemed appropriate to have the plates on the car reflect the nickname of the one that created its need.  So there you go!  Probably way more information than you wanted, but now you  know what's with the name.
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