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My Story:
fell in love with classic cars when I was just a kid.  I loved the sleek lines, and raw power under the hood.  Every time I saw one, I knew that I had to own a classic car.  My first car of choice was a 1963 Corvette with the split tail window.  Upon further investigation, $20,000 for a non-running Corvette that still needed to be restored was not quite in my budget.  I turned my focus to a car with similar lines, just as much class, and one tenth of the price, the Ford Mustang.  I bought my first Mustang, a 1964-1/2, in April of 2000, spent the next 8 months "restoring it” and it was my daily driver until it went back under the knife for a Jaguar IRS and a real restoration.   I acquired my second Mustang, a 1966, when I married my wife in June of 2001.  She came with the car; I mean the car came with her.   We no longer own this car but it served us well for many years.  Just after we got married, my wife and I decided to start a family.   In August of 2001, I bought a 1962 Galaxie 500 4-door to provide us with a much-needed family car.  I have gone from having little-to-no experience in car restoration, to having quite a bit.  I am self-taught but cannot take credit for much of my car restoration knowledge because it has come from books, websites, and forums.  I love cars and I love learning.  Yes, I am still quite fond of the 63 Corvette, but I love the cars I have.

As I said above much of my knowledge came from the help of the great people online.  I learned a lot by doing but there was so much more that I learned from the help of others.  Because of that help the primary goal and function of DazeCars is to pay it forward by helping people.  I have acquired a vast Mustang expertise and a knack for retrofitting modern parts and or parts from a totally different make or model in to classic Fords.  I make these modifications to my own cars, because I like the challenge but also in theory it makes my cars "better."  Once I have completed a project I offer up all the information, in the form of tech articles. These are free of charge to anyone who wants to read them.

In short, I set up DazeCars for the purpose of encouraging educating and helping people.  As a side effect of my website people started contacting me because they didn't have the skills, tools and/or time to make the parts laid out in my tech articles themselves and asked if they could pay me to make said parts.  After a wile it made sense to create a web page so that people could see their options.  I do not have a web site because I own a business I own a business because I have a web site.   In other words I am not a typical business.  I say that because I am not in it to make money, yes it is nice that there is $$ coming in but that is not the purpose of my web site.  If I quit selling product tomorrow the only change to my website would be the removal of my "for sale page"

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