The following article is a copy of the original web page created by Mark Knight  documenting his Dana 44 ring and pinion install in a Jaguar Salisbury differential. When I discovered that Marks original web site was no longer up on the Internet I contacted him and he was happy to provide me with the page content and gave me permission to post it as part of my web pages.

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Jaguar Differential Build

by Mark Knight

Everything you need to know! Let me preface this article with a warning! If you have never set up a rear-end, used a case spreader, used a dial indicator or a pinion depth gauge, you have no business tackling this Dana 44/Salisbury Differential.

First, There are basically two versions of the Dana 44/Salisbury Differential easily identified by the side stub axle covers. One version has a 5 bolt retainer plate, the other has a triangular 3 bolt retainer. Another major tech spec you'll need to know is the side axle spline count It will be either 19 or 30.

I will concentrate the information for this overhaul on a 19 spline Salisbury, since that's what I have.

I purchased all my parts for a Dana 44. Word of warning! It's OK to order your differential carrier and ring and pinion for a Dana 44, but you'll want to buy your bearings, races and shims at a local 4wd store because a kit won't have all the correct bearings and you'll just be wasting money!

Other important decisions you need to decide before you start your rebuild; 1.What size gears will I use? That will determine which size carrier (or case) you'll need. There's a break at 3.73/3.92

Which type of carrier suits your purpose; limited slip, locker, air locker or possibly a spool! I used an Auburn Gear which was the best price for the quality! Note: There is NO spool (full or mini) available for 19 spline axles!

I won't bore you with setup specs because those are readily available at all the gear manufacturers sites!

Another important note if you plan to use a new carrier with your Jaguar gears. The Jag gears use larger ring gear bolts. You'll have to drill out your carrier holes and chamfer the edges for the Jag ring gear to bolt on to the carrier! It'll work and it'll be fine! The only factor you need to be aware of is, you cannot later buy different gears to install on that carrier because the bolt shoulders are smaller and your carrier will be drilled too large! You'll need to purchase a new carrier or fabricate steel sleeves for the carrier (too much work, I've done it)!

I will let you know that backlash and carrier preload are adjusted using shims that are behind the pressed on carrier bearings. You will be removing and pressing these bearings on and off several times! A nice convenience is having an extra pair of side bearings that have the centers honed so they slide on and off the carrier easily allowing you to press on the new bearings only for final assembly.

Pinion depth is adjusted by adding or removing shims from behind the inner pinion race.

Both sets of aftermarket gears that I purchased did not use a crush sleeve, so we won't go into it's purpose or adjustments.

One last note regarding the Pinion. You will now have a 26 spline input shaft. You cannot use the Jaguar flange. Your local 4-Wheeler supply will have the Chevy yoke and U-bolts you'll need! Spicer #2-4-8091X

Here's my list of parts:

Bearings and Races

Carrier Bearings: 25590

Carrier Races: 25523

Pinion Bearing Inner: 31594

Pinion Bearing Inner Race: 31520

Pinion Bearing Outer: M88040

Pinion Bearing Outer Race: M88010

I have used 2 different Auburn Gear Carriers. I currently have the 5420111 Hi-Performance for Dana 44 3.92 up, 19 spline.

The input seal is a CR 15788

I'd also consider replacing the rear brake hose for about $12. Part # N7000-42133 or IN102467

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